Tailor-Made Tactical Solutions Beyond the Borders of Military Limitations
We provide rapid dynamic solutions to underground maneuvering while bypassing the barriers of internal bureaucracy
State-of-the-Art Technology
Our military-grade wearable systems allows real-time tunnel 3D scanning and mapping in subterranean and dense urban areas exposing unseen enemy angles
Underground Maneuvering
Navigating a masked terrain with agility beyond anything training can provide
3D Scanning and Mapping
Using cutting-edge technology to reveal hidden passageways
RT Intelligence Gathering
Advanced data collection to expose underground tunnels
TinkerBell Underground Tunnel and Path 3D Modeling and Geo-Positioning
Avoid life-threatening situations with clear visual maps, and create better situation awareness
  • 3D scanning and mapping
  • Data and visual real-time reporting
  • Hands-free wearable equipment
  • Real-time & retroactive data transmission
  • Multi-communication system
  • View enemy angles
Tactical Tunnel Blocker
Special forces gain valuable time and create secure zones by blocking off tunnel sections and shafts within minutes
  • Custom dimensions according to precise requirements
  • Hardens within minutes of attachment to the tunnel floor, walls, and ceiling
  • Deterrent methods activated upon an attempt of breaking blockage
  • Data and intelligence collection on the enemy side
  • Effective as a shock wave channeling system
Experienced Military Professionals
Trusted by top-ranking Israel Defense Force officers and the United States Department of Defense branches, we have proven our field of experience by delivering many tactical solutions to subterranean, dense urban areas and more.
Intelligence Gathering
3D Scanning Mapping
Personal Protection
Tactical Textile
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